When it’s time for Anatomic Services, NAMSA offers the most trusted clinical research organization (CRO) services in the industry

NAMSA’s research facility in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota offers a state of the art surgical facilities allowing medical device companies to showcase their devices, while supporting their participants. With top of the line video equipment, sizeable classroom space for dry labs, internal and external data links, video presentation capabilities, and wet lab and surgical suites, this facility functions as the ideal cadaver lab for physician training and medical device training.

NAMSA offers an accessible and adaptable research and training cadaveric laboratory designed to facilitate a wide range of scientific needs. An example of cadaveric studies NAMSA has conducted includes Anatomical Research and Development, Dissection and Instruction of Human Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy and Anatomical Casting.

Our human anatomic services include:

  • Respectful and professional environment
  • On site human anatomist
  • Diverse anatomical models for all medical disciplines
  • Safe serologically pre-screened human specimens
  • Medical records screening for disease conditions of interest Advanced specimen processing
  • Extensive surgical and interventional capabilities
  • Advanced imaging and video services:
  • Philips BV Pulsera fluoroscopy with CT
  • Volcano IVUS
  • QCA and quantitative analysis software
  • Digital video capture and recording in ORs
  • Live webcasting
  • Advanced capabilities available via associated imaging laboratory
  • Large training and surgical facility
  • Domestic and international travel capabilities
  • Pathology Services

Our experienced and dedicated staff can facilitate your meeting by handling logistics, schedules and even assist with hotel arrangements for out of town investigators. Contact us today for additional information about our capabilities and unmatched experience.

Are NAMSA’s services a good fit for your needs? Contact a NAMSA representative +1-866-666-9455 (+1-419-666-9455 if you’re outside the US) or through our site contact form.