The NAMSA Advantage

NAMSA’s provides advanced contract research organization (CRO) histological technology for the testing and evaluation of implanted medical devices. Valuable tissues can be collected and processed on-site under the supervision of a board certified pathologist. Histopathology laboratory services are also provided on fixed tissues from outside sources.

  • State-of-the-art histology laboratory
  • Routine paraffin processing and sectioning
  • Soft and hard resin (plastic) processing and sectioning
  • Non-decalcified and decalcified processing and sectioning
  • Custom sample preparation and sectioning
  • Histochemistry capabilities
  • Photomicrograph documentation
  • Necropsy services
  • Timely and efficient reporting
  • Consultation

Exakt® Histological System for Specialized Tissue-Implant Processing

With this unique equipment, NAMSA can process hard implants while maintaining intimate contact with surrounding tissue, and can perform routine high-quality processing of soft implants in hard tissue without decalcification.

  • Bone cements
  • Demineralized bone
  • Bone plates
  • Total hip prosthesis
  • Artificial cartilage
  • Bone/spine fusion polymers
  • Metallic stents
  • Ophthalmic implants

Using the Exakt® system, the pathologist can evaluate in detail the interface between the medical device and the cellular layer of the implant. Remarkable photographs can be provided that are suitable for regulatory purposes and for publishing.

Note: Exakt is a registered trademark of Exakt Precision Tools Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland.

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