NAMSA’s contract research organization (CRO) services are designed around one goal: achieving success for our clients. That’s why our portfolio of CRO services is both comprehensive and customizable. We understand that each client’s needs are different. And we understand that the medical device development process is complex and can change in an instant.

No Longer a CRO

That’s why we’ve branded ourselves as an MRO: a medical research organization that is larger, more integrated and more client-focused than a standard contract research organization. Our global CRO locations in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East offer international clients the access and depth of knowledge they need to get to market quickly, and in the most efficient manner.

Our CRO services extend beyond the capabilities of the average contract research organization. We offer support from beginning to end of the medical device development process.

Clinical Services
The clinical phase of medical device development can be exhausting and extremely expensive. Our experience can keep costs down and progress efficient. The breadth of our previous work informs any recommendations or work we contribute to your clinical phase process, ensuring things get done the right way, the first time.

Medical Device Consulting
Our medical device consulting services span services ranging from strategy consulting to international regulatory services. Flexibility is the quality that binds our services together. Whether you’re looking for a consulting services to get you over a bump in the medical device development process or support throughout the entire process, we can provide the translational services you need.

Medical Device Testing
Our testing services are informed by NAMSA’s extensive history in the medical device development industry. We can help you accomplish your testing and validation goals with the bottom line in mind; our experience and depth of knowledge informs our commitment to efficiency and cost-awareness.

Therapeutic Expertise
Working with a medical research organization that has previous experience in the therapeutic niche to which your medical device project belongs can help provide a clear and seamless path to approval. NAMSA’s experts offer experience in development areas ranging from orthopedics to in vitro diagnostics to cardiology.

Do our CRO services fit your needs?

Explore our medical device development services in more detail or give us a call to discuss your CRO needs in more detail. We look forward to working with you.