In this episode, Duane Mancini (NAMSA’s MRO Strategy Advisor) sits down with CEO of ICHOR & Vice President of Sales at Naglreiter LLC, Tim Blair, to discuss the changing landscape that medical device start-up companies will face. Tim also reviews his experience with medical device start-up companies, including successful strategies and processes to avoid.

“We are seeing strategics are wanting to have zero tolerance for risk.” – Tim Blair

“It’s 40% science and 60% art.” – Tim Blair

“A lot of start-ups have great ideas, but it’s underestimating what an exit looks like and where they happen today.” –  Tim Blair

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Host Information

Tim Blair; CEO, ICHOR Vascular Inc & Vice President of Sales, Naglreiter LLC

Tim Blair has 26 years of healthcare experience in the medical device space from large MedTech multinationals to start-up innovations.  His background with technologies ranges from sales and marketing, sales management, distribution, national account management and GPO contracts to training and education disciplines in a variety of therapeutics. Mr. Blair has also contributed to and led merger & acquisition targeting, technology assessments and due diligence, as well as leading the implementation efforts of those targets.

Duane Mancini; MRO Strategy Advisor, NAMSA

Duane Mancini, M. Sc. is an MRO Strategy Advisor, specializing in applying NAMSA’s end to end services for medical device companies. He holds a Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry and a Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, both from the University of Toledo. During his career at NAMSA, he has supported several projects in commercialization strategy and biological safety strategy, as well as regulatory strategy, support and quality. He is an active member in the American Chemical Society (ACS).