In this episode, Duane Mancini (NAMSA’s MRO Strategy Advisor) sits down with Angie Conley, CEO & President of Abilitech Medical. Angie discusses her success in raising money, being intentional about building her team and the importance of embracing vulnerability as a start-up company.

“[Reimbursement] think about it early and think about it often. If you don’t, you could be in trouble.” – Duane Mancini

“That’s the fun of start-ups, you aren’t the cog in the wheel, you’re the wheel.” – Angie Conley

“The mission, to restore independence and change lives. If this is my legacy that I live and bring to earth, then I won the lottery.” – Angie Conley

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Host Information

Angie Conley; CEO & President, Abilitech Medical

Angie Zavoral Conley has served as Abilitech’s President and Chief Executive Officer since founding the company in late 2016.  Under Angie’s leadership, Abilitech Medical has won numerous awards, including both the Tekne Award for innovation from Minnesota High Tech Association and the Grand Prize and Top Woman-led Business at the Minnesota Cup – the largest state-led business competition. Abilitech has also been recognized as a Top 10 Medical Device Startup by MedTech Outlook; a Top 20 Medical Device Startup You Need to Know by MassDevice magazine; and a Top Promising Life Science Company by Rice University. In her role as President and CEO of Abilitech, Angie has raised over ten million in equity funding and nearly two million dollars in non-dilutive funding.

Angie Conley’s work broad work experience in the medical device industry directly translates to her role as CEO of Abilitech Medical. Prior to founding Abilitech, Angie held leadership roles in several different medical device companies, including working with exoskeletons at Magic Arms; peripheral and neurovascular atherectomy devices at ev3/Covidien; heart valves, instruments, telemonitoring equipment, external and implantable pacemakers and defibrillators at Medtronic. She is an alumna of the prestigious Springboard Enterprise and Texas Medical Center accelerator programs. Angie Conley is a named as an inventor on two patents.

Duane Mancini; MRO Strategy Advisor, NAMSA

Duane Mancini, M. Sc. is an MRO Strategy Advisor, specializing in applying NAMSA’s end to end services for medical device companies. He holds a Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry and a Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, both from the University of Toledo. During his career at NAMSA, he has supported several projects in commercialization strategy and biological safety strategy, as well as regulatory strategy, support and quality. He is an active member in the American Chemical Society (ACS).