Do you require payer relations expertise for the long haul? NAMSA’s experts are available globally throughout the product adoption phase.

NAMSA provides special services often required throughout the product adoption phase including ongoing clinical-user support for coding, billing, coverage support and procedure prior authorization.

Reimbursement Helpline/Hotline Support. Our highly-trained team is available via a Helpline to service clients whose customers require guidance in reimbursement issues throughout the product lifecycle.

Reimbursement Guides. NAMSA’s 80+ global reimbursement experts assist clinical users in providing guidance to hospitals and physicians in the proper billing and coding of manufacturer-sponsored products.

FAQs for Payers. We often help clients in creating a list of frequently asked questions for payers to  help communicate key information for use by hospitals and physicians when first billing for new technologies and services; these may be sufficient in many cases to get new procedures paid.

Draft Appeal Letters. Physicians using new technologies to treat patients often hit road blocks when payers do not understand the technology. NAMSA can draft appeal letters for clients who want to help physicians readily appeal insurance denials.

FAQs for Sales Staff. Your sales staff is on the front lines introducing prospective customers to your new product. That’s why it is so important to provide them with fundamental education to accurately pass onto physicians, nurses, and hospital administration when promoting your medical technology. Our team helps clients develop information such as FAQs for sales staff to use.

Contract President or COO Services. At times, new and emerging medtech companies may benefit and need highly experienced leaders to specifically guide them through process of bringing new technology to market. NAMSA is able to provide consulting management services from experienced former CEOs and COOs who temporarily guide such companies from product ideation through commercialization. Our insight enables entrepreneurs to implement best business practices to expedite new products into the market and is particularly used by non-U.S. companies as they consider expansion into the U.S. market.