Cell Culture

NAMSA’s Cell Culture Capabilities

In MRO, Preclinical by Justin Patri

NAMSA’s laboratory in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota recently made two major purchases in order to establish cell culture capabilities. These purchases include a CO2 incubator and cryostat. While most of the infrastructure and equipment necessary to perform cell culture already existed at Brooklyn Park, these two items were crucial in allowing us to execute cell culture.

A typical cell culture room consists of a laminar flow hood, a CO2 incubator, and a variety of refrigerators and freezers. The CO2 incubator is an essential tool in any cell culture laboratory since pH of most cultures is maintained through a CO2/HCO3 buffer system. This type of incubator regulates temperature and humidity levels within optimum parameters for cells. The cryostat allows us to cut frozen histology sections for immunohistochemistry and other fresh frozen histology sections.

The ability to perform cell culture as part of the MRO is of great potential benefit to our clients! This cell culture capability allows NAMSA to be on the leading edge of the biomedical industry’s ever changing needs. Recently, we have noticed a number of Sponsors are requiring some sort of cell based assay to be developed as part of their lot release criteria in addition to their other research needs. We are very excited to offer these services to our clients.

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