NAMSA Shelf Life Validation

In Packaging & Stability by Ken Eddington

In order to market a device, the shelf life validation of the product and package is required by FDA and other regulatory authorizes around the world.  NAMSA has been performing shelf life validations for over 25 years.  NAMSA C&C can prepare a custom protocol and final summary report to meet the requirements of the regulatory standards, and package testing is performed at the NAMSA Irvine location.  This includes accelerated aging, real time aging and package testing.  We can also perform accelerated aging, real time aging and/or package testing as individual tests as requested by our clients.

NAMSA will also soon be performing transport testing in house as part of the shelf life validation or as requested by our clients.  This includes testing programs for ASTM D4169 cycle 13 or ISTA.  Testing may include pre-transport conditioning, manual handling, vehicle stacking, loose load vibration, low pressure testing, vehicle vibration and concentrated impacts.  We are expecting the launch of this offering in the second quarter of  2014. To learn more about our capabilities, visit our Shelf Life & Accelerated Aging Studies page.


Ken Eddington is a Molecular Biologist, Chemist and Geneticist with over 22 years of laboratory, business development and product management experience.