NAMSA Irvine Facility Expands

In Microbiology, MRO, News by Ken Eddington

NAMSA recently unveiled our newly renovated Irvine facility at an Open House.  With this renovation and associated expansion comes new test offerings including: shipping simulation, automated disinfection studies, and increased capacity for sterility, bioburden, LAL and cyto testing .

Clients can now send us samples to perform testing associated with International Safe Transit Association, ISO 11607, ASTM D4169-09, ASTM F2096-11, and ASTM D6344-04 guidelines.  We’ve also added new clean rooms with  6 ISO Class 5 work stations to support Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Biologic testing.  There are separate work flows for media, test samples, and operators. Additionally, the new laboratories include 6 new Bioburden Work stations .  Each work station is set up for membrane filtration or pour plate testing.

These improvements will allow us to better serve our clients and meet the increased need for efficiency in lot release testing.  To learn more about our lot release testing capabilities please reach out to us at or call 419-662-4835 and speak to one of our Project Development Advisors on how we can help get your product to market.


Ken Eddington is a Molecular Biologist, Chemist and Geneticist with over 22 years of laboratory, business development and product management experience.