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New medical devices are being developed to save lives, treat disease and injury, and improve the quality of life for patients around the world. The pathway from ideation to widespread patient use is highly regulated, complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It involves many steps (Figure 1), each requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. Speeding up this development pathway has a great number of potential benefits:

  • Patients and physicians gain access to breakthrough medical devices in a more timely manner
  • Financial returns are generated sooner
  • Development costs begin to be paid back more quickly

Profits accumulate more quickly so they can be reinvested in more new products

Up to now, most timeline reduction strategies have focused on making individual components of the development cycle more efficient; for example, shaving a few days from a test turnaround time, parallel-pathing activities in a clinical trial, or rapid prototyping. These small efficiencies are not enough. If we are to make meaningful gains in reducing product development timelines, we must think and behave differently than we have in the past.

NAMSA, the medical research organization (MRO), believes there is additional success to be had by focusing on the intersection of adjacent development steps, and by combining multiple steps or portions of product development into a more streamlined model. By offering unparalleled “end-to end” services and employing cross-functional teams of experts, NAMSA has found unique ways to reduce the inefficiencies in and between development steps and significantly decrease the total time spent on new product development.

To achieve this, NAMSA has developed the MRO® Approach. In short, MRO refers to the unparalleled breadth of services NAMSA offers across the medical device product development cycle, utilizing an extensive team of experienced, dedicated, cross-functional staff who are committed to serving clients, and adept at finding ways to get products to market faster and with regulatory rigor.

Download the MRO Comparison Chart document and/or the NAMSA White Paper: Joining Preclinical and Clinical Development: A Practical Approach to Reducing Medical Device Timelines to learn more about the MRO® Approach.