Remote Training Seminars Now Offered By NAMSA

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NAMSA is delighted to announce the addition of remote training seminars.  NAMSA Remote Training Seminars provide high level content and industry expert analysis on prevailing global topics in the medical device industry.  The one hour phone conferences offer insight on regulatory and clinical issues and concerns medical device manufacturer’s encounter in their development process.
We will be offering four seminars from April to July.  Our first seminar will be on April 23rd.  NAMSA Senior Scientist, Dr. Seth Goldenberg, will present Aligning Global Regulatory Strategy to Decrease Time for Approval in Emerging Markets.

Emerging markets increasingly represent significant revenue opportunities for medical device companies. China has most likely passed from “emerging” status into a “must enter” status as it rapidly becomes the 2nd largest healthcare market in the world. However, firms look at China and other key markets in Asia and Latin America after they first enter the U.S. and Europe, even though these markets could represent larger opportunities than traditional markets due to familiarity with the legal, regulatory, and business environments.  This talk will focus on what it takes to enter key emerging markets and discuss some of the strategies medical device companies can employ to get to market quickly.

Key topics will include:

  • Overview of emerging markets regulatory approval pathways;
  • Significance of incorporating emerging markets into “Get-to-Market” strategy at an early stage; and
  • Legal , regulatory, and business strategies for speeding up access to emerging markets.


The cost for each seminar is $185.00. You can register at:

Future seminars are:

May 21st: Current Regulatory Thinking in Reprocessing presented by Steven Elliott.

June 21st: A seminar discussing toxicology regulations.

July 23rd: Design implications of interim clinical analysis presented by Chris Pulling.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at


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