Common Mistakes in the Medical Device Development Continuum

Infographic: Common Mistakes in the Medical Device Development Continuum

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Common Mistakes in Medical Device Development

Getting a medical device to market is a long process made up of multiple stages. Each stage requires a number of elements that need to be considered before progress can be made with the device. And even after market approval has been obtained, there is a continuous need to reevaluate and test the device to maintain safety and efficacy.

Throughout this development process, several steps can be missed that may result in submission refusal, or possibly a faulty device. Click the infographic to learn more about mistakes commonly missed during the medical device development continuum.

Knowing all of the different areas that should be explored within each stage can help reduce the possibility of an error, or mistake, from occurring. Therefore, I have collaborated with a number of NAMSA experts to define many of the areas that should be carefully considered while a medical device is being developed.

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Anney Majewski is the Marketing Communications Specialist at NAMSA, focusing on expanding the overall knowledge and understanding in the medical device industry. She obtained a BBA in Marketing from the University of Toledo as well as an A.S. in Psychology from Monroe County Community College.