BPMDS 2014 Germany

The 2014 BPMDS Kicks Off In Germany

In Asian Market, European Market, News, Toxicology by Andrew Gottfried

Following successful events in London and Minneapolis, the Biocompatibility and Performance of Medical Devices Symposium (BPMDS) is back in 2014 with another great set of events and fresh new content. There will be three symposiums this year that will address many imperative topics that affect our industries today. The first will be held in Frankfurt/Grosswallstad, Germany, where industry experts will discuss the medical device market in China. The 2014 BPMDS lectures will feature speakers from NAMSA, Chinese market specialists, Chinese medical device manufacturers, and CFDA regulatory representatives.

The 2014 Germany symposium gathers its roots from  “Biocompatibility and Performance of Medical Devices”, an extensive publication edited and co-authored by our own registered ANSM expert Dr. Jean-Pierre Boutrand. The discussion will analyze several aspects of the medical device market in China, including:

  • China and the Western World: Understanding Cultural Differences;
  • IP Protection for Medical Devices in China;
  • Special Biocompatibility Requirements for the CFDA;
  • Running Clinical studies in China;
  • Product Registration and Common Regulatory Issues;
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices in China;
  • Tips to Help Medical Device Companies Export to China;
  • Selection of a Chinese Partner;
  • Price Positioning in China for Medical Devices; and
  • Winning Commercialization Strategies in China.

If you are interested in attending 2014 BPMDS Germany, the symposium will take place May 20th – May 22nd in Frankfurt/Grosswallstadt, Germany at the Buisness Sporthotel + Conference

For more information:

Visit us at Biocompatibility and Performance of Medical Device Symposium 2014

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The early bird registration fee is €900 and ends April 20th; afterwards the fee is €1,000.

Look for other upcoming symposiums in the summer and fall of 2014. The summer symposium will take place in Tokyo, Japan, and the fall symposium in Shanghai, China.